Hungarian Translator & Interpreter

More than twenty years of experience in providing Hungarian translation services to demanding customers; consisting of over 5,000 hours of interpreting and 7,000,000 words of translation.

Having spent a part of my childhood in the USA, I am just as comfortable with using English as a target language as I am with Hungarian.

This site contains my resume, prices, and qualifications. Also make sure to check out my most recent assignments and testimonials. This section contains information on recent translation and interpreting projects as well as client testimonials, and is I believe the most accurate source of references.


My default price for translation projects is EUR 0.08 per source word for all assignments received in an editable format (such as .docx). I use Trados Studio 2017 by default, and will be happy to switch to your offline CAT tool of choice.


My rate for both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting assignments is EUR 250 for up to 4 hours and EUR 490 for up to 8 hours. An additional EUR 50 is charged for each extra hour started, up to a total of 12 hours.


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I am a full time freelance translator and interpreter with more than 10 years of experience.

Recent assignments

This section contains my recent assignments, together with the approximate timeframe/word count. Please note that confidentiality limits the level of detail that can be made public.

English to Hungarian Translator and Interpreter Andras Szabados