Whether you need a consecutive or simultaneous Hungarian interpreter, you will want the service to be fast and accurate. Too many times have I seen a meeting exceed its timeframe because the interpreter was not fast enough, or because the lack of accuracy gave room to confusion and miscommunication. If you want to avoid this, you will need someone who has the experience and skills required to become transparent, letting you concentrate on the task at hand.

With an experience in Hungarian interpreting exceeding five thousand hours, I can help you overcome the difficulties of communication. Whether you are organizing a large international conference or a small business meeting, I will make sure that information is delivered swiftly and seamlessly.

My rate for Hungarian interpreting assignments is EUR 250 for up to 4 hours and EUR 490 for up to 8 hours. An additional EUR 50 is charged for each extra hour started, up to a total of 12 hours.

I will accept consecutive assignments by myself, but a partner is needed for simultaneous jobs, whether in the cabin or whispering. I can bring an experienced partner subject to the same conditions.

See me do some consecutive interpreting on Hungarian national TV.

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