Hungarian translation

Translation to and from Hungarian

I believe that as far as translation is concerned, it is only to be expected that the best quality possible should be delivered within the deadline. With an experience of several million words in various fields of translation to and from Hungarian, I have never missed a single deadline in my entire career of more than twenty-six years working as a freelance translator. All projects are delivered based on a best effort principle, and thoroughly self-proofed one final time before submission. My default price for translation from English to Hungarian as well as from Hungarian to English is EUR 0.11 per source word for all assignments received in an editable format (such as .doc). Discounts are provided based on the CAT tool matrix as applicable. I charge an extra EUR 0.02 per source word for all documents received in a non-editable format (such as .pdf). I use Trados Studio 2021 or memoQ 9 for all translation assignments. I also have experience with a number of other CAT tools and will be happy to use your preferred offline solution as required. I always create a glossary of larger projects, and will submit it to you for approval upon request. This is often very useful and much appreciated in the case of assignments where the use of a specific terminology is of key priority to the customer. If you have a document that is in .pdf, scanned, faxed, or even hand-written, I will go the extra mile to help you out by converting the document to an editable format, translating it, and even putting it back into .pdf if required. If it cannot be converted, I’ll provide the translation in a separate file. All this is covered in the EUR 0.02 surcharge for non-editable documents.

Hungarian to English

Please note that although I’m not a native speaker of English, I have spent several years at school and at work in the USA. As a result, I have acquired near-native proficiency in written English and will be happy to prove this to you in the form of a short test translation based on any text that you provide. Try and see if the reviewer will be able to distinguish it from a native translation!

The Best Effort principle – working together

No translation is ever perfect. Never let a translator tell you that they can deliver work that is completely free of errors. True professionals are aware that the only way to deliver high quality is what we call the TEP process (translate, edit, proof). Each stage of the workflow should be performed by a different linguist. I will be happy to participate in your project in any of these roles, and if some of the roles are unfulfilled, recommend colleagues to complement your team.