Hungarian translation

This is a list of some of the larger assignments performed during the year. Please note that the list is incomplete and only contains general details. This is because like all translators, I am bound by a number of NDAs limiting the scope of data that can be provided.


Translation and Proofreading

All year roundIT> 20,000 words
All year roundMedical softwate manual and UI> 20,000 words
All year roundPharmaceutical industry> 14,000 words
All year roundMedical equipment> 165,000 words
All year roundAudiology equipment> 22,000 words
All year roundNational infrastructure: road, rail, river> 43,000 words
All year roundMedical trials> 23,000 words
All year roundGaming, browser based> 2,000 words
All year roundCorporate materials> 55,000 words
January 1Agricultural machinery> 4,000 words
February 3Construction industry> 5,000 words
March 10Lactation> 12,000 words
April 12Printers> 1,000 words
April 30Mineralogy> 5,000 words
May 10Insurance> 4,000 words
May 13Library system> 8,000 words
May 14Printers> 3,500 words
May 20Lactation> 4,000 words
May 26Postal history> 2,000 words
August 27Lactation> 4,000 words
September 13Logistics> 4,000 words
November 13Lactation> 4,000 words


All year roundNational infrastructure: road, rail, river40 days
January 23EU, simultaneous1 half day
June 1Promotional event, simultaneous1 half day
June 22Corporate event, simultaneous2 half days
July 21Promotional event, simultaneous1 half day
August 6Legal1 half day
September 2On-site, construction1 day
October 27Court1 half day
November 4Medical, simultaneous1 half day
November 23Medical1 day
December 7Medical, simultaneous2 half days
December 18Medical2 days