Hungarian translation

This is a list of some of the larger assignments performed during the year. Please note that the list is incomplete and only contains general details. This is because like all translators, I am bound by a number of NDAs limiting the scope of data that can be provided.


Translation and Proofreading

All year roundMedical softwate manual> 69,000 words
All year roundPharmaceutical industry> 11,000 words
All year roundMotorcycles> 11,000 words
All year roundMedical equipment> 60,000 words
All year roundAudiology equipment> 52,000 words
All year roundNational infrastructure: road, rail, river> 69,000 words
All year roundMedical trial, official correspondence> 5,000 words
All year roundGaming, browser based> 3,000 words
January 13Company policy> 2,000 words
January 17A short play> 1,000 words
February 19Investment banking> 3,000 words
February 21Printers> 1,000 words
March 9Smart metering> 12,000 words
March 20History> 4,000 words
March 25Painting technology> 4,000 words
April 5Heat insulation> 4,000 words
April 6Optometry> 3,000 words
April 17Survey translation> 2,000 words
April 17Agricultural machinery> 5,000 words
April 17Information technology> 1,000 words
May 13Dafety data sheets~ 2,000 words
May 15Lactation translation> 6,000 words
May 18Information technology> 12,000 words
June 3Internal corporate documents> 1,000 words
June 6Printers> 1,500 words
June 12Agricultural machinery> 16,000 words
June 19Internal corporate documents> 2,000 words
June 26Construction industry> 2,000 words
July 12Printers> 3,000 words
July 29Insurance> 9,000 words
August 14Internal corporate documents> 3,000 words
August 20Questionnaire translation> 2,000 words
August 31Industrial kitchen applicance> 18,000 words
October 19Printers> 1,000 words
October 20Agreement~ 3,000 words
November 3Smart metering> 16,000 words
December 17Standard> 2,000 words
December 29IT translation> 3,000 words


All year roundNational infrastructure: road, rail, river26 days
October 15Insurance, simultaneous1 half day
October 22Pharmaceutical, simultaneous1 half day
November 4Pharmaceutical, simultaneous1 half day
December 7Construction industry1 half day